Verwoerd Family Research Project Registration

We regret that, due to abuse, the registration script had to be disabled. However, you can still join The Verwoerd Family Research Project and learn more about your Verwoerd ancestors free of charge. Please read our privacy notification first. Next send an e-mail to

genealogy at verwoerd dot info

with your full name and date of birth, and a brief explanation of your research request. We are looking forward to your registration.

Privacy Notification

Please note that our genealogical information is available to direct descendants only. The information shared will and shall not be published on the internet, on cd-rom, or in any other form. If you're not happy with these conditions, please do not apply. This is a non-commercial research project, and your privacy and that of any other contributor is very important to us. Therefore you'll find on our websites indexes only, while the dates of birth of individuals that are (or may be) alive remain hidden.